Sevan Boys (2008)

When I was there, you had already left

In their wake ... (2004)



Sevan Boys , Installation Shots, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece

Sevan Boys (2008) 7 mins (Digital Video)

Sevan Boys was filmed in August 2006, during a workshop that took place in Lake Sevan in Armenia, during the 5th Gyumri Biennale. The footage was shot on a trip Aikaterini Gegisian and Lizzie Calligas took to an unfinished hotel, which was left abandoned when the Soviet Union collapsed. Filmed with a handheld camera, the installation focuses on Aikaterini’s attempt to communicate with a group of young boys, while Lizzie Calligas follows her with another camera.

‘The curiosity for the unknown, the anxiety for the future and the desire for communication obtain a greater intensity through the image of the deterioration of something which was never completed, as well as through the simultaneous recording of their long and close-up shots.’
Maria Tsantsanoglou (from the exhibition catalogue “And Now? Visual Arts in Greece 3”, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Direction, Production, Camera, Editing and Sound - Aikaterini Gegisian & Lizzie Calligas

Courtesy of Aikaterini Gegisian & Lizzie Calligas

Video Stills from Sevan Boys

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When I was there, you had already left. Installation Shots, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, 2005

When I was there, you had already left (2005) 5 mins 48 secs loop (Two-channel audiovisual installation)

The installation was developed from material collected on a journey in the areas of Turkey that my grandparents were born and had to abandon. Two visual sequences are projected onto screens that are suspended in space. One is the repetition of a short shot of a couple looking with persistence at the camera. The other juxtaposes a voyeuristic look on a lone figure waiting at the bus stop to images documenting details of the landscape. The soundtrack blends the narrative of a female character with the actual sound recordings. The story moves between past and present and is told in a quiet, melancholic and internal tone.

The narrative structure of the work follows the movement implicated in the title, of an action always coming after an original event, a past following a present. In this manner, the image always follows after the retelling of the memories linked to its existence. The residues of memories, of events and of a culture are blend with images, spaces and experiences that come to displace them. The work constructs the landscape of memory.

Produced with the support of Selcuk Aykan, Leleg Institute Project - Turkey, Arts & Humanities Research Council - England

Direction, Production, Camera, Editing and Sound - Aikaterini Gegisian
Location Assistant and Guide - Konca Aykan

Courtesy of Kalfayan Galleries Athens-Thessaloniki

Video Stills from When I was there, you had already left

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In their wake ..., Installation shots, Fournos Center for Digital Culture, Athens, 2005

In their Wake, a two-screen digital audio-visual installation is a collaboration between Aikaterini Gegisian & Ella Bissett Johnson. The central image is that of two women sitting in an empty café overlooking a busy urban scene for the duration of a whole day. This image of stillness is fragmented and weaved into an elegiac sequence. Stillness is transformed into movement. The sound of an urban environment floods the space and surrounds the two women. The installation explores current issues of geographical, temporal and mental displacement within the metaphor of internal and external space. The viewer is caught in a perceptual game between real space, image and sound.

Aikaterini and Ella started working together during their degree at the University of Brighton when both developed an interest in narrative fragmentation in audio-visual installation work and its engagement with a mobile audience.

Funded by Mersey Film and Video, University of Brighton and The Arts Council England

Direction, editing and production: Aikaterini Gegisian & Ella Bissett Johnson
Director of Photography: Mark MacEwen
Performers: Agapi Gegisian& Aikaterini Gegisian

Courtesy of Kalfayan Galleries Athens-Thessaloniki

Video Stills from In their wake ...