Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies? (2014)

Oven Piece (2005)


Taking the wrong turn (2003)

everything seems to be running smoothly ...we are safe ... (2001)


Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies?, Sound installation, 15 mins, Installation shot, Tintype Gallery, London, 2014

Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies?

2014 / Sound Installation / Stereo sound / 15 mins

Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies? is a sound installation composed of two voices reading fragments from the artist’s dream diary and extracts from a textbook on how to become a male escort. It is edited as a narrative that moves towards the ultimate moment of sexual climax.

During the collection of photographic material of gymnasts and space rockets (that compose the series Falling Tight), I took the decision to keep a dream diary in order to explore the space of the unconscious as a location of female desire not mediated by ideological regimes. The decision to use scenes from the dreams in the sound installation was eventually formulated when I was given the textbook on how to become a male escort in a flea market in New York. The book, which was written in the 80s and describes in detail how to please women, provided me with a male point of view on female pleasure.

In the sound piece the two points of views, the female desire as it manifests in the subconscious and the male instructions on how to bring a woman to a climax, alternate creating the feeling of a dialogue of different positions coming together in a singular space. However, these gendered positions are complicated by the fact that the dream diary is read by a male voice, while a woman assumes the role of the male escort. As the female and male voices interchange gender positions, this commingling blurs the boundaries between imagination and instrumentality, consciousness and reality.


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Oven Piece, Installation shots, Benjamin Franklin House, London, 2005

Oven Piece (2005) 3 mins (Site-specific sound installation)

The work was developed for the occasion of a group exhibition at Benjamin Franklin House, London in response to the building and its history, while in mid-restoration. It was installed in a Victorian stove, in the original kitchen of the building and featured the voice of two characters engaged in a dialogue of affirmation and questioning of facts and images. This speculative process begun with facts regarding the owners of the stove. The process continued with details linked to the space and so explored how facts, ideas and images are constructed.

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Taking the wrong turn, Installation shots, Eptapyrgio, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2003

Taking the wrong turn (2003) Variable Duration (Audiovisual site-specific installation in three parts: 2 stereo sound installations and one silent video projection)

The installation took place in Ottoman and Byzantine archaeological sites in Thessaloniki, Greece. One of the sound pieces and the silent video projection were installed in Bey Hamam (the first Ottoman bath build in the city). The second sound piece was installed in the visitor’s area of Yedi Kule or Eptapyrgio (a Byzantine Fortress turned into a prison).

The sound installations presented the conversation between two tourists while they move in the city. They are trying to find one of the exhibition sites (ex. Eptapyrgio). They get lost and end up in the other site (ex. Bey Hamam). The video is a repetition of a short segment; a moment filmed trough the window of train moving in a mountainous area, punctuated by a scrolling text charting the fable of a mythical country. The project focused on the idea of movement as an expression of negotiation (in) between memory and history, spaces and narrative, the viewer and the work.

Commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad for the exhibition: Young Balkan artists. Variations in Balkan spaces, Thessaloniki Greece

Taking the wrong turn, Installation shots, Bey Hamam, Thessaloniki, Greece,2003


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...everything seems to be running smoothly ... we are safe.., Installation shot, University of Brighton, 2001

…everything seems to be running smoothly we are safe… ( 2001) 5 mins
(Site-specific sound installation)

The installation consisted of two purposely-made windows. Two concealed speakers were placed in each window. Each speaker featured the voice of one character engaged in a dialogue and fixed in the space seen through the windows. The sound alternated between the speakers and between the two voices. The installation created two 'scenes', carefully guiding the audience’s gaze into certain elements of the space outside the gallery. The absence of the two corresponding voices opened up possibilities for imagining the associations between all the characters and all the different geographical locations.

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...everything seems to be running smoothly ... we are safe.., Installation shots, University of Brighton, 2001