At a moment when contemporary art sits uncomfortably within a larger mediatic production and consumption of images, my practice by revisiting specific representational systems addresses the radical potential of spatial imagination and cinematic consciousness.  Working across video, photography, installation and collage my recent work utilises a variety of audio and visual material, ranging from location footage, archival and popular films, as well as found images collected from photographic albums, tourist guides and archival postcards.

Both my filmic and photographic practice follow an essayistic logic of combining heterogeneous material and aesthetic regimes (from folk traditions, to popular media and fine art practices), in order to explore how images take on different meanings depending on the ideologies that frame them. In the use and transformation of pre-existing images, I embrace documentary, taxonomical, narrative and surrealist imaginations and reflect on the complex interaction of space and image, of cinema and photography with the processes and possibilities of movement.

The work confronts the viewer with an ‘incomplete’ collection of images and an ‘inappropriate’ juxtaposition of forms, a confrontation that reveals liminal histories, highlights processes of transformation and reflects on the complexity of transitional narratives and the ambiguity of modernist projects.