…everything seems to be running smoothly … we are safe… (2001)

Site-specific sound installation
Two speakers, 5 mins

Degree Show Exhibition – BA(Hons) Critical Fine Art Practice, University of Brighton, 2001
Winner First Prize, Nagoya University of the Arts, 2001
Link to Video Documentation: https://vimeo.com/406538839

The installation consisted of two purposely made windows. Two concealed speakers were placed in each window. Each speaker featured the voice of one female character engaged in a dialogue and fixed in the space seen through the windows. The sound alternated between the speakers and between the two voices. The installation created two ‘scenes’, carefully guiding the audience’s gaze into certain elements of the space outside the gallery. The absence of the two corresponding voices opened up possibilities for imagining the associations between all the characters and all the different geographical locations. The work was concerned with the relation between the inside of an art’s institution and the outside of the everyday activity. The work was also concerned with the idea of a fixed geographical location and the spatial trajectories that stories can create.