Handbook of the Spontaneous Other (2019)

Collage series and photobook
59 Collages on paper
Dimensions variable

Handbook of the Spontaneous Other is a collage series and photobook (published by MACK in March 2020). Composed of 59 collages on paper, the project brings together a diverse range of found photographic material produced in Western Europe and the USA during the 1960s and 1970s. Casting a female gaze on images of an emerging western lifestyle culture sourced  – from pornographic and lifestyle magazines, tourist catalogues and National Geographic spreads – the project questions the role of photography in constructing the working and desiring body. Divided into nine chapters that follow a metaphysical narrative of colour and sensation, the book ultimately seeks to locate a ‘spontaneous other’; a notion of the self and of pleasure that exist beyond the confines of popular culture and its dominant modes of representation. The Handbook invites the viewer to participate in an ambiguous game of playful critique and emotional acceptance of visual and other pleasures. Collaged on colour cardboard paper, the individual works of this series are some of the largest pieces that the artist has produced so far, with dimensions ranging from 1 m x 70 cm (largest) to 30 x40 cm (smallest).

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