In their Wake (2004)

Aikaterini Gegisian & Ella Bissett Johnson
Two-channel audio-visual Installation
7 mins on a loop

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In their Wake is a two-screen digital audio-visual installation produced as a collaboration between Aikaterini Gegisian & Ella Bissett Johnson (the two artists met and started working together during their BA degree at the University of Brighton). It centres around two women, who sit in an empty café, overlooking a busy urban scene, for the duration of a day. The stillness of their immobility is broken into film fragments and weaved into a sequence that transforms the fragments into movement. The sound of an urban environment floods the space and surrounds the two women. The installation explores current issues of geographical, temporal and mental displacement within the metaphor of internal and external space. The viewer is caught in a perceptual game between real space, image and sound.

Direction, editing and production: Aikaterini Gegisian & Ella Bissett Johnson
Director of Photography: Mark MacEwen
Performers: Agapi Gegisian & Aikaterini Gegisian

Funded by Mersey Film and Video, University of Brighton & Arts Council England