Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies?

Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies?, Sound installation, 15 mins, Installation shot, Tintype Gallery, London, 2014

2014 / Sound Installation / Stereo sound / 15 mins

Is This Why I Cannot Tell Lies? is a sound installation composed of two voices reading fragments from the artist’s dream diary and extracts from a textbook on how to become a male escort. It is edited as a narrative that moves towards the ultimate moment of sexual climax.

During the collection of photographic material of gymnasts and space rockets (that compose the series Falling Tight), I took the decision to keep a dream diary in order to explore the space of the unconscious as a location of female desire not mediated by ideological regimes. The decision to use scenes from the dreams in the sound installation was eventually formulated when I was given the textbook on how to become a male escort in a flea market in New York. The book, which was written in the 80s and describes in detail how to please women, provided me with a male point of view on female pleasure.

In the sound piece the two points of views, the female desire as it manifests in the subconscious and the male instructions on how to bring a woman to a climax, alternate creating the feeling of a dialogue of different positions coming together in a singular space. However, these gendered positions are complicated by the fact that the dream diary is read by a male voice, while a woman assumes the role of the male escort. As the female and male voices interchange gender positions, this commingling blurs the boundaries between imagination and instrumentality, consciousness and reality.