Sevan Boys (2008)

Sevan Boys , Installation Shots, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece, 2008

(2008) 7 mins (Digital Video)

Sevan Boys was filmed in August 2006, during a workshop that took place in Lake Sevan in Armenia, during the 5th Gyumri Biennale. The footage was shot on a trip Aikaterini Gegisian and Lizzie Calligas took to an unfinished hotel, which was left abandoned when the Soviet Union collapsed. Filmed with a handheld camera, the installation focuses on Aikaterini’s attempt to communicate with a group of young boys, while Lizzie Calligas follows her with another camera.

‘The curiosity for the unknown, the anxiety for the future and the desire for communication obtain a greater intensity through the image of the deterioration of something which was never completed, as well as through the simultaneous recording of their long and close-up shots.’
Maria Tsantsanoglou (from the exhibition catalogue “And Now? Visual Arts in Greece 3”, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Direction, Production, Camera, Editing and Sound – Aikaterini Gegisian & Lizzie Calligas
Courtesy of Aikaterini Gegisian & Lizzie Calligas

Video Stills from Sevan Boys, 2008