The Manipulator Vlog (2021 – ongoing)

YouTube channel

The Manipulator Vlog documents a shift in the life and work of artist Aikaterini Gegisian during the coronavirus crisis, set against the backdrop of her teenage magazine collection, rediscovered during the ‘archival fever’ of the pandemic. The videos show the artist flicking through issues of Manipulator magazine, juxtaposed with amateur recordings of her garden activities. These in turn are intercut with 1990s cultural references and accompanied by a voice-over narration detailing her changed daily patterns. The Manipulator Vlog brings attention to autobiography, and an intimate understanding of time passing, as these interweave with larger image histories. By rereading the visual experiences of her youth and their influence in shaping her memory and identity, the artist reflects on her construction as a consumer—part of the neoliberal enterprise that has been shaping subjectivity in the West.

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