A little film (2005)

Single Screen Video
Standard Video, colour, stereo sound, 5 mins
Shot on MiniDV in Wales, Greece and Turkey
Link: https://vimeo.com/427090903

A little film is divided in three parts, respectively titled: for happiness and loss, for love and allusion, for remembering and forgetting. Each part is composed of a single shot of a landscape that comes slowly into focus, while a first-person voiceover guides the viewer from the remembered to the imaginary. Structurally, the film explores the idea of a crescendo between image and sound – image and sound slowly coming into focus – as a metaphor for the very act of looking. The film is a comment on the passage of time and the way framing, perspective and vision constructs both space and our way of inhabiting it.

Direction, Production, Camera, Editing and Sound – Aikaterini Gegisian