Circled Earth

Circled Earth, 35mm slide projection, Installation shot, Tintype Gallery, London, 2014

2014 / 35 mm slide projection / 2 min 20 sec

Circled Earth is a 35 mm slide installation projected in the bottom corner of a room and comprised of 20 fragments of images gathered from Soviet and USA photographic albums and magazines. Images of gymnasts, ballerinas and cheerleaders are brought together with airplanes, space shuttles and control rooms, alongside birds, the earth and the moon. The textures and materiality of the existing photographic images are collapsed into the slide projection and are transformed into a transparent light source that formally mimics the pages of the book. Moreover, the position of the project on the floor pushes the viewer away from a conventional viewing position and forces her/him to look down in space. The work mimics a stream of consciousness sensibility and builds a playful layering of associations, from flying with freedom, the virgina with giving birth, to the earth with the female body, and comments on the transformation of the collective into an institutional body.

Circled Earth, 35mm slide projection, 2 mins 20 secs, 2014