For a Place in the Sun (Version 1), 2015

Photographic installation
10 collages on paper, dimensions variable

Commissioned by Elefsina City Council for the exhibition In Flux Elefsina Cultural Center, Greece, 1 September 2015 to 9 October 2015
Curated by Shoair Malvian

“Gegisian’s work For A Place in the Sun (2015) draws on archival images sourced from tourist catalogues, specifically those from EOT (The Hellenic Tourist organisation), from 1972, the last years of the dictatorship in Greece. These images were seminal in constructing the now well-known tourist identity of modern Greece. Due to the time of their production the images have a totalitarian feel wherein the landscape is reduced only to the sun, which stands as a singular representative motif of an entire country. Gegisian plays on this idea of power by imposing her own censorship onto the images, changing their meaning. Black lines used to censor official documents are used here by Gegisian to cover up most of words to reveal the phrase ‘Enchantment in our regional old Greece’ referencing the construction of an identity based on a mythical, colonial gaze and past glories. These minimal images are complimented by images of the sun setting by the temple of Sounio, an important symbol in the national imagination. The title of the work, For a Place in the Sun also holds a double meaning, in Greek having the possibility to exist under the sun means having the possibility to exist in the future. In this way the work references the past, the present and the future, in an attempt to restore the possibility of hope.”

Text by Shoair Malvian for the catalogue of the exhibition In Flux.

Collection Frac des Pays de la Loire, France