Diego Garcia (2009)

Diego Garcia, Video Still, 2010

2010 – 16 mins – stereo sound – DigiBeta/DVD
(Shot in DVCAM in Mauritius in April 2009)

Diego Garcia is an artist’s documentary, which looks at the deportation of the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean (now the site of one of the biggest American military bases in the world) by the British Government to Mauritius. The film juxtaposes text extracts from the Chagossian’s High Court testimonies, which collectively portray the islands as a paradise lost, with a camera that continuously wanders in the Mauritian landscape. These testimonies become the starting point for looking at Mauritius and the Indian Ocean as a complex set of relationships and act as catalysts in unravelling the hidden traces of history inscribed in spaces.

The film takes the form of a journey where landscape becomes the central character. Blending different narrative voices, such as the collective voice of the testimonies, the observa- tional eye of the artist with ambient voices and sounds, the film comments on shifting geographies, on the myth of paradise and on the ways we inhabit a globalised world.

Diego Garcia, Video Stills
, 2010