My Pink City (2014)

Essay Film
HD, col & b/w, stereo sound, 48 mins

Shot on location in Yerevan, Armenia between 2010 & 2012
Vimeo Link: Password: wantlist

My Pink City is an essay film set in Yerevan, Armenia that explores the production of urban and cinematic space by employing documentary, taxonomical, narrative and surrealist imaginations. Taking as its starting point a female gaze, the film explores the narrative of post-Soviet transition, the militarisation of public space and the gendered divisions in the experience of the city. Constructed as a gap between the space of the city and the space of the film, it is composed of diverse layers of visual and sound material, ranging from archive sources, found footage, footage filmed through television sets, voice-over narrations, music and location sound.

The film isolates the moment of the post-Soviet transformation of Yerevan as a strategy for reflecting on the construction and consumption of urban and cinematic space as conditions of both Soviet and capitalist modernity. In a continuous search for moments of active spatial cinematic consciousness, the film finally expresses its failure to control and measure both the space of the city and its own topography.

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