I was the Victim of my Own History (2018)

Sculptural collage
Found images, cardboard, dimension: 200 cm (78.7”) in diameter

Produced for the site-specific exhibition [un]known destinations, chapter II: shell // the politics of being , held at the 15th High School of Kypseli, from June 26 until 24 July 2018
Curated by Dr. Kostas Prapoglou
Online Catalogue: https://issuu.com/kkjc9734/docs/shell.the_politics_of_being_2018

I was the Victim of my own History is a sculptural collage that takes the shape of a funeral flower wreath. The wreath is constructed out of found images sourced from flower arrangement books. Produced in the 70s and 80s, such coffee table photographic albums were mainly addressed to a female audience. Composed out of documents of a certain bourgeois domesticity, the wreath questions the institution of femininity. Playing with the freshness of the flowers and the dead surface of the found photograph, the work reflects the double quality of images as both documents of the past and as alive potentialities. Celebrating female domesticity and female crafts, I was the Victim of my own History deposits a feminist gaze on emotional lives dissolved in the passing of time and erased by history.