Through the Looking Glass (2017)

Sculptural Collages
Series of 4

Found images, colour card, perspex 
Dimensions variable

Through the Looking Glass is based on archival images sourced from tourist catalogues produced by GNTO (Greek National Tourist Organisation) between 1972 and 1988. It continues the artist’s exploration of the timeless imagery of Greece as a modern tourist paradise by focusing on the use of colour and geometric form. Gegisian’s investigation of tourism as a mechanism of representation moves from ancient monuments and the sun, to also encompass a series of other visual references, such as modern Greek neoclassical architecture and folk design. In the interplay between architectural space and close-up of colour details, the work resists the flat surface of the photographic, expanding the notion of collage into a spatial layering, in an attempt to literary see through the image. Marking a turn towards a playful questioning of the role of visual languages in the construction of ideology and nationhood, the works also represent a shift in Gegisian’s practice from collage on paper to the exploration of the spatial properties of photography and collage.