Notes on a conception of a film (2010)

Photographic Installation
190 b&w & colour photographs with drawings
10 x 15 cm each unframed
Private Collection
Commissioned for the solo exhibition Falling in Place, that took place at Eleusis Cultural Centre L. Kanellopoulos, 8 May – 5 June 2010

Notes on a conception of a film is a photographic installation and derives from a personal archive of snapshots collected in Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Mauritius, Canada and USA. The photographed spaces are presented with no identification as to their specific locations nor any chronology. The combination of text and drawing infuse the photographs with emotional and psychological allusions.  

Referencing both the filmic frame and a storyboard and blending storytelling and documentary, the notes explore narrative moments by constructing the landscape of a personal geography. The hand-tinted process brings to mind the childlike activity of colouring books, as an attempt to make sense of space, colour, architecture and perspective. But can ultimately be read as the artist’s attempt to question representation and to situate the photographed spaces in one’s personal imagery.

Aikaterini Gegisian 2010