I was born at the age of six (2011)

6 b&w photographs with drawing and text
14 cm x 10 cm each

I was born at the age of six consists of 6 b&w photographs that depict public spaces of Yerevan and document its post-Soviet urban landscape. The ephemeral photographic snapshots have been hand tinted with colour and inscribed with text fragments, deriving from two Soviet Armenian films – Barev, yes em (1966) and Chronicle of Yerevan Days (1974) both directed by Frunze Dovlatyan. The films are examples of soviet cultural texts that mark a shift in the representation of Armenian national identity and Soviet urban reality, introducing allusions to the Armenian Genocide and questioning the Soviet Utopia. Setting the pace with the phrase ‘I was born at the age of six’ (a line of the female protagonist in Chronicle of Yerevan Days, who become an orphan at the age of six), the work initiates a narrative that exposes societal tensions while capturing moments of emotional fragility.